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  1. September 30

    Meeker Minions Work Parties The Meeker Minions Habitat Stewards continue to work hard at maintaining and restoring the new beautiful habitat at our Meeker Creek Restoration Site. The (self-named) Minions hold work parties the last Saturday of every month from 9am to 12pm. Come lend a hand and learn how rewarding it is to be a Habitat Steward!
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  2. September 30

    Multi-Farm Restoration Party Join us on September 30 for a multi-farm restoration party in Tacoma! Nancy’s Ditch is a historical agricultural drainage in the Clear Creek watershed between Tacoma and Puyallup. Now inundated with dense stands of reed canary grass run-amok, this planting will install native trees and shrubs that as they mature, will provide shade that helps suppress the grass.
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  3. October 2

    Gilmur Grubbers Work Parties The Gilmur Grubbers have taken on maintaining Thelma Gilmur Park, the only wetland park in Fircrest. The group meets the first Monday of each month from 9:00am to 12:00pm and would love to have you join them.
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  1. October 3

    Edible Garden Series - Puyallup Explore the basics of successful vegetable gardening in the Pacific Northwest—from seed to table. Classes are taught by educators from Harvest Pierce County and Pierce County Public Works.
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  2. October 7

    Adriana Hess Work Parties The Adriana Hess Habitat Stewards work to maintain valuable open space at the Adriana Hess Wetland Park, which is home to the Tahoma Audubon Society. They get together the first Saturday of every month and would love to have your help!
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  3. October 7

    South Prairie Creek Preserve Planting Between 2005-2008, hundreds of volunteers helped plant thousands of trees and shrubs at the District’s South Prairie Creek Preserve. Now, a large project to improve in-stream salmon habitat is in the works that will include construction of a half-mile long side channel, among other things. Also included is the planting of approximately 37 acres, which starts this fall. Seeing salmon in the creek during this planting is almost guaranteed!
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