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Pierce Conservation District offers numerous workshops throughout the year on wide ranging topics that can help improve your property and impact conservation efforts throughout Pierce County. You can browse some of our workshops by category below or visit our general calendar to see a full list of upcoming events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities.

Group Workshops
If you or your group or business would like to request a workshop, your Pierce Conservation District technicians are here to help with several great topics up our sleeves. From buffers to electric fencing to fertilizer applications to manure, mud, pasture management and more. Workshops are a great way to generate interest and conversation and get people to come through your business’ door

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  5. Habitat Improvement Workshops
  1. January 27

    Agriculture Roundtable Breakfast Club Each month, the AgCOI coordinator, the WSU Extension Pierce County Director and the Pierce County Ag Program Manager will be having breakfast in the delicious Tim's Kitchen. If you are an existing farmer, or even just following an interest, join us over a cup of coffee to talk about any specific issues that you would like help to resolve on your farm. We may not be able to solve the problem here, but you will have our undivided attention, and we can work together as a team to come up with a pl...
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  2. February 11

    It’s the Dead of Winter: How do YOUR Paddocks Look? It’s the middle of winter when mud can be at its worst on livestock properties here in western Washington. That is not the case at the Meisner farm, where they jumped into making improvements to the property immediately after purchasing it two years ago. Their two horses live in mud-free winter paddocks made possible by grading a 1-2% slope away from the barn, installing gravel over geo-grids to prevent the gravel from mixing with the soil below around the stall doors, and by installing gutters ...
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  3. February 15

    Pasture Renovation and Fertilizing Workshop Are your pastures worn out and in need of rejuvenation, but you don’t know the steps for renovation? Are you wanting your pastures to produce more forage, but don’t know what or how much lime or fertilizer you need? Then this is the class for you! Learn how to renovate with or without tillage. You will also learn how to select amendments whether conventional or organic based on soil test results, whether fertilizing is worth the cost of investment for your situation, and how to make ...
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