Manure Spreader

When you are planning your spring chores, don't forget that the Pierce Conservation District has a Frontier 25-bushel (1/2 cubic yard capacity) manure spreader available for rent to Pierce County residents to help you implement one of the components of your manure management program. This ground driven spreader connects to a small garden tractor or ATV and is ideal for farms storing less than 50 yards of aged material.

As this equipment was purchased through a water quality protection grant, the only prerequisites we have are that you must have had a recent soil test that shows nutrient need, and/or a site visit from your area's farm planner showing approval that you have the property to safely spread the composted material.
manure spreader
All rental fees go into a fund to maintain and repair the spreader. The rental fee is $15 per day, or $25 for a weekend rental, plus a $50 refundable deposit when returned clean and on time. The spreader is most easily loaded into a trailer; a long bed pickup truck may work but is more difficult. In special circumstances the District may be able to provide delivery and pick-up for a $25 fee.

For more information, contact René Skaggs or Sofia Gidlund or call 253-845-9770.