Environmental Education

  1. Field Trips & Classroom Lessons

    Pierce Conservation District staff partner with schools to offer in-class lessons and field experiences related to natural resources. We are always excited to engage kids in learning about their environment through activities such as viewing aquatic life through a microscope, testing the quality their local stream, and many others.

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  2. Children's Water Festival

    Pierce Conservation District coordinates the Children's Water Festival, an annual event that brings 5th graders from around the County for a day of learning about water quality and conservation. In 2015, over 860 students participated. Hands-on activities were hosted by local professionals from non-profits, environmental educators, and local and state agencies.

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  3. Envirothon

    Envirothon is a nationwide program that brings together high school students interested in natural resources and environmental science. The fun and competitive spirit of Envirothon motivates students to learn about real-world problems and solutions. The Pierce Conservation District is committed to encouraging the participation of local teams, and may be able to provide assistance in the form of study materials, transportation, or other support that a team might need. Plus, if a Pierce County team wins regionals, the District will pay the team’s registration for the state competition!

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