Water Quality Improvement

Pierce Conservation District offers several water quality programs that local jurisdictions, businesses, institutions, and residents can participate in. Getting involved with these programs is a simple way to protect Pierce County's waterways and Puget Sound, improve the environment, and save some money. For more information, please visit the pages below.
  1. Rain Gardens

    Rain gardens take polluted water from a large area and direct it into a small planted depression that naturally cleans the water as it slowly soaks into the ground.

  2. Urban Tree Planting

    Trees provide many benefits even in urban areas. Did you know that trees reduce runoff and erosion from storms by about 7% and can absorb up to 1,000 gallons of water annually?

  3. Depave Puget Sound

    Excess pavement is not only an eyesore, it is also the single largest contributor of pollution to our waters in our region. By removing unnecessary pavement and creating green space we are beautifying our urban areas and cleaning water.

  4. Streamside Plantings

    Plants along streams stabilize stream banks and provide shade to keep water cool for fish and wildlife. Plants are also a natural filter for pollution that may be coming from upland areas.

  5. Habitat Stewardship Program

    If you want to help improve a restoration site Pierce Conservation District has completed in the past, consider becoming a Habitat Steward. Over the years we have planted dozens of sites, but with ever-present outside threats these sites need ongoing care into establishment. Have a favorite planting you attended and want to reconnect with that space? Inspired to help us with our highest priority sites? We are looking for you.

  6. Storm Drain Curb Marking

    When storm water runs off impervious surfaces like streets, pollutants and trash run off with it into drains. This pollution flows directly into our watersheds and can harm aquatic life.