1. Equipment Rentals

    The District helps create a shared infrastructure for agricultural producers by renting essential tools, reducing production costs and increasing access to local markets.

  2. Farm Assistance Programs

    The Farm and Land Owner Assistance Program provides education, technical, and financial assistance to local farm owners, agricultural producers and private landowners. Our vision is to improve farm viability, production, and soil and water quality in a non-regulatory way.

  3. Water Quality Improvement

    Learn more about Stormwater Improvement including Rain Gardens, Urban Tree Planting and Pavement Removal.

  4. Harvest Pierce County

    Harvest Pierce County is our Urban Agriculture program which features our Gleaning Project, Community Gardens, Veggie Co-op and much more!

  5. Farmers Markets

    The District works closely with all of the Farmer's Markets throughout Pierce County to increase consumption of and access to locally and regionally produced agricultural products. In the spring of 2015, the District started a program to leverage a county wide coalition of farmer’s markets in a collaborative "Buy Local" campaign to increase sales and traffic with a focus on low income/low access consumers.

  6. FireWise

    Because of a combination of raising temperatures and reduced rainfall in the summer, the risk of wildfires is on the rise in Pierce County. There are easy adjustments that you can implement on your property to be FireWise, and prepared in the case of a wildfire. Contact us as an individual or community to find out what the experts know about the best way to make your home and neighborhood safer from wildfire. From the basics of defensible space and sound landscaping techniques to research on how homes ignite (and what you can do about it), there are tips, tools and teachings you can use!

  7. Water Quality Monitoring

    Learn more about how to come a stream or lake monitor.

  8. Habitat Projects

    Learn about the South Prairie Creek and Nisqually projects.