Water Quality Workshops & Volunteer Events

  1. October 28

    Camp Murray Planting Hardy volunteers needed to help plant trees and shrubs along Murray Creek on Camp Murray. The digging is tough – the soil is loaded with rocks, but the reward is worth it. Murray Creek is home to a run of kokanee salmon that spend their entire lives in Murray Creek and American lake, never reaching salt water. These plants will increase canopy cover and keep the kokanee stream water cool and clean.
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  2. October 28

    Holy Rosary Depave Tree Planting Hot off the heels of a summer Depave at Holy Rosary School in Tacoma, we are planting 71 large landscape trees along the I5 wall to complete this phase of the project. Come join us in improving the outdoor space for students who have historically been playing on pavement.
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  3. November 4

    Meeker Minions Work Parties The Meeker Minions Habitat Stewards continue to work hard at maintaining and restoring the new beautiful habitat at our Meeker Creek Restoration Site. The (self-named) Minions hold work parties the last Saturday of every month from 9am to 12pm. Come lend a hand and learn how rewarding it is to be a Habitat Steward!
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