Livestock Management

  1. Livestock - Toxic Plants

    View a table of common poisonous plants with their descriptions.

  2. How Plants Grow

    A basic question facing a livestock producer is how close plants can be safely grazed or mowed and still produce maximum forage over an extended period.

  3. Paddock Install

    Take a look at paddock installation information and an entire brochure filled with tips.

  4. Equine Workshop

    Learn how to manage horse waste through water management, composting, and paddocks.

  5. Farm Finances Presentation

    Farm Marketing and Finances: Finding Profits in Agriculture, a presentation given by Nathan Moomaw, owner/operator of Moomaw Family Farm at a District sponsored workshop in 2015.

  6. Toxic Weeds Identification Guide

    This guide will help livestock owners identify toxic & noxious weeds, what dangers these weeds present to livestock, how to know if there is a poisoning, and what to do for your animals in case of poisoning.