Farm Workshops

  1. August 28

    Calibrating Your Manure Spreader for Accurate Nutrient Application Whether you are a livestock owner cleaning out your manure bins prior to filling them up again this winter, or you are a crop farmer fertilizing with manure, it’s good for to know how many nutrients you are applying before you fill up the manure spreader and go to work. Under application can lead to an unexpected low crop response, and over-application can lead to nutrient run-off this winter and/or phosphorus build-up in the soil.
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  2. September 6

    Horse Farm Tour Get inspired to get your farm ready for winter by visiting this 5 acre, well-managed horse farm. Sam and Sandy have owned this property since 2013 when they moved a travel trailer on-site and started building their farm from scratch. Since that time, they have built a barn with 5/8 minus gravel paddocks for their two horses, mini donkey, and mini horse to reside in during the winter and summer drought periods. They have constructed concrete floored and treated wood wall manure bins to store and ...
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  3. September 9

    Build Your Own Manure Bin At the workshop we will provide hands-on training for how to build the manure bin. At the end of the workshop each landowner leaves with a free manure bin kit to put together and use at home. To qualify for this class and manure bin kit you will have to read through a pdf about nutrient management and answer 10 questions demonstrating you know how to properly manage manure. Register if you are interested in more information.
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