Community Garden Resources

Resources found below support community gardens and other food projects in all phases of development. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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  1. Donating Produce

    Resources for community gardens and orchards interested in donating produce to food banks or other donation sites

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  2. Community Garden Toolkit & Documents

    Download our Community Garden Toolkit designed to help gardens get off the ground and other documents designed to help gardens in all phases of their development

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  3. Garden Resource Form

    Order Tagro, compost, woodchips, cardboard, and brown bins for your garden, orchard, or forest. All gardens must be approved gardens.

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  4. Garden Information Submission Form

    Community Garden leaders can now submit your garden information including plot maps, contact lists, and more, online!

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  5. Garden Incident Report Form

    If there is a theft at a community garden, please use this form to report the details of the event and what was stolen.

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  6. Community Garden Grievances Form

    By filling out this form, your grievance will be read by the steering committee who will discuss this matter with Harvest Pierce County staff and discuss appropriate measures for following up.

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