Urban Tree Sale

Pierce Conservation District’s Urban Tree Sale helps residents across Pierce County plant trees around their homes and along their streets through significantly discounted trees, planting resources, education, and ongoing support. Planting trees will help clean our air and water, make our streets more walkable, and our neighborhoods healthier. 

To maximize ecological impact and equity, the communities served through the Urban Tree Sale are strategically located in underserved areas with disproportionally low canopy cover. By supplying affordable trees along with the resources for long-term success in caring for the tree, Pierce Conservation Districts aims to increase canopy cover in Pierce County while supporting the communities that gain most from the many benefits of urban trees.

​If you have any questions, email Melissa.

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Learn more about the benefits of neighborhood trees here

Participants Receive:

  • Up to three landscape size trees for 50-75% off retail. We offer a variety of small, medium, and large trees appropriate under power lines, along the street, or in the yard.
  • A free watering bag with each tree purchased ($15 value each)
  • Free Tagro potting soil
  • Expert training on proper planting and care
  • Ongoing care reminders and access to future workshop opportunities

Participants Agree to:

  • Select tree types appropriate for their space.
  • On your application, indicate if the tree will be planted along a street
  • Pickup your trees and attend a Planting & Care workshop
  • Only plant trees in approved locations (trees must be planted at the address on the application)
  • Street trees must be approved by the jurisdiction in which the tree(s) will be planted
  • “Call Before You Dig” and properly plant trees in the ground (no pots!)
  • Assume all future maintenance & responsibility (summer watering, raking, pruning, mulching, etc.)

How It Works:

  1. Live within one of our target locations for this year’s sale:                                                    

     Clarks Creek watershed                                                                                                                                  Southeast Tacoma

  2. Use the link on the postcard sent to your home or email Melissa Buckingham melissab@piercecd.org to get the link to the Urban Tree Sale marketplace
  3. Evaluate your property for potential planting sites
  4. Reserve trees through the online application
  5. Attend a planting workshop to learn about proper planting and care, and bring home your new trees
  6. Workshops will be held on:                                                                                            

           Portland Avenue Park, Tacoma - October 14, 2017 at 9am or 10:30am                                        Pierce Conservation District, Puyallup - November 4, 2017 at 9am or 10:30am

  7. Plant, mulch, and enjoy your new tree
  8. Stay in contact

*In the event that trees are unsold after four months, the sale will become open to the greater Pierce County community

Need assistance planting your new tree? On a case-by-case basis, we offer delivery and planting help to participants who need physical assistance or lack access to a vehicle. To inquire about this service, please call 253.845.9770 x109 or email Melissa.

Planting Street Trees

What's a street tree? A street tree is planted in the public right-of-way, usually in the planting strip (space between sidewalk and road) or in the space approximately 10 feet from the curb or roadside, in the absence of sidewalks. To make sure street trees are planted in locations where they will not interfere with underground sewer, water, and gas lines or overhead power lines, residents must receive permission from their local jurisdiction. PCD will receive permission on your behalf when you participate in this program. Be sure to indicate you are planting street trees on your application.


Tree Sale Timeline Graphic


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page to see if your question has already been asked. If not, contact us at Melissa or 253.845.9770 x109.