Best Global Non-Profit Environmental Groups Around The World You Need to Know

People are really scared about the future of our natural resources, climate change, survival of wildlife and many more. There are so many public environmental groups which are both small and big, local and national that need our support. Below, we have top environmental non-profit organizations that are doing great work around the globe in protecting our natural resources.

Healthy rivers and freshwater groups seek to protect for clean water and wild-free running rivers in order to maintain the fresh water supply on the planet. For example, the Waterkeeper Alliance, American Rivers, and Save Our Wild Salmon. They are the fastest growing environmental organizations focusing on clean water which is drinkable, fishable, and swimmable.

Those with also help to restore damaged rivers and harvestable population and remove dams. We are living in the modern era where the lands are rapidly decreasing for housing and it needs our concern to keep it from danger. Land preservation groups help to protect land including the Conservation Fund protecting 7.8 billion acres and Trust for Public Lands working on local ranchers and farmers to conserve new areas set aside for public enjoyment. While the Sierra Club encourages politicians to protect and conserve wild place.

Climate change is one of the greatest reason for the extinction of natural resources. Through the non-profit environmental group, we try to reduce the effects and reduce global carbon emissions. Through the Environmental Defense Fund is aimed to find solutions for protecting our natural resources with ranchers, farmers, and fishermen to ensure food security in the future. In marine conservation sector, there are several non-profit natural resource organization focusing in marine life. The Seafood Watch provides a guide to consumers and business in choosing seafood for keeping a healthy sustainable ocean. Additionally, the Surfrider Foundation focuses on clean water, coastline, and healthy oceans.

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