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Keep The Better World

The Importance of Natural Resources Organization to Keep The Better World

Our lives cannot be separated from the natural resources for what we eat, what we drink, and where we live. Climate change and globalization have a great impact on our environment and the natural resources. Our natural resources are in dangers, there are so many natural resources running out quickly which are created in millions […]

Taking a Glimpse

Taking a Glimpse into the Management of Natural Resource

The management of natural resource is a term that refers to the management of resources available naturally. Included in this are animals, plants, soil, water, and land. The management in question has a focus on how it may affect the quality of life for generations of both the present and the future. The management of […]

Natural Resource Management

Stakeholder Analysis in Natural Resource Management

There is this thing in the work of business management known as stakeholder management. The interesting thing about it is that it now sees growing popularity in being implemented to natural resource management. In terms of the management of natural resource, stakeholder analysis refers to a method of identifying obvious interest groups that are affected […]

Other Elements Involved in the Management of Natural Resource

Other Elements Involved in the Management of Natural Resource

There are a lot of other factors, aspects, and elements involved in natural resource management. Biodiversity conservation is included in this matter. It is an issue that is supposed to be an important element in the matter of natural resource management. Biodiversity is a term referring to a comprehensive concept that includes a description of […]

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