The Importance of Natural Sources Conservation

The Importance of Natural Sources Conservation – Natural sources are one of the most important things in human life. Its present is created naturally in the environment. In other words, the human cannot create natural sources. Basically, the natural sources can be categorized into two main groups that are exhaustible and inexhaustible sources. The exhaustible natural sources mean the amount of these sources will be exhausted if the human use it in large amount and continuous usage. The examples of exhaustible natural sources are coal, natural gas, crude oil, and others. On the other hand, the inexhaustible natural sources mean the amount of these sources will not face the endless point even it is used for a long time and large amount. The examples of inexhaustible natural sources are wind power, water power, solar power, and others.

The number of natural sources is getting decreased due to the increasing amount of human consumption. It can lead to serious problems such as the imbalance of the ecological system. The future generation may suffer since they will not have a chance to use natural sources. In order to prevent these problems, the conservation of natural sources is needed. The conservation of natural sources can give some advantages for humans and nature such as preserving biodiversity, supporting ecological balance, and the access for the future generation towards natural sources.

There are several things that can be done for doing the conservation of natural sources. You can start by doing this at home and help to conserve the natural sources. For example, make sure that the people use the water wisely by ensuring that the tap water has been closed while no one uses it. The people may also use the reused water for watering the garden instead of the tap water. The people also can build a rain harvesting system. This system can store the rainwater during the rain system and use it during the dry season. The water from the rain harvesting system can be used for watering farms and lawns. Another thing is by using the recycling product. Some products such as plastic, paper bags, and an eating tool kit can be created from the used materials. It will be better if every home can build the biogas system to support their life. The biogas energy can be made from the biogas plants, cattle dungs, and others. In addition, people can start to use energy wisely such as turn off the lamp when there is no one in the room. Or, developing the solar cell in the home.

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