Alternate Solutions to preserve natural resources

Managing and keeping natural resource is not an easy task. Not only it is the job of large and global organization, we as an individual can also do this ourselves. We need to limit our usage on the natural resource and try to search for other solution that we can try. This will help the natural resource to be much long lasting. Additionally, it will also give us a much healthier and also friendly environment if we use eco-friendly resource that can exchange the use of natural resource. The following are some solutions to preserve natural resources that natural resource management organization has explained and can be tried by us.

1. Use of alternative energy
There are several types of natural resources that cannot be renewed just like that and even worse, natural resources like this are still being used for the needs of most human lives up to now, just like coal and oil. Although the coal and petroleum reserves are still quite large, but if this continues to be used, the amount can be used up too long, so the use of some alternative energy becomes obligatory to meet human life needs, such as solar energy, wind energy, and utilization of water energy. .

2. Apply recycling
Many items are made from natural resources and cannot be digested by the earth quickly enough, even some of which cannot be managed by the earth to become a natural resource again. The best solution to this problem is to apply recycling to some of the items around us, for example, such as recycling goods from plastic and paper and not just throw them away carelessly.

3. Preservation
This effort may not be commonly carried out by people in general, usually preservation is carried out on several natural resources that are often used by humans and have limited strength such as wood. The solution to preserving natural resources on wood can be done by preservation of the object so that later the wood used is not easily weathered or damaged, so that it will indirectly make people resist their desire to cut down the trees to replace the old damaged wood.

4.Treat wastewater
Government officials are also expected to be more assertive in implementing regulations that apply especially to industries and factories that produce waste every day, there is a need for wastewater treatment solutions so that all are not thrown away in rivers which can eventually pollute all living things around the river.

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