Get to Know What Natural Resources Defense Council Does

There are thousands of natural resources organizations and agencies around the world. They highly concern about the natural resources on this planet. One of the thousands of public natural resources is the Natural Resources Defense Council. What does the Natural Resources Defense Council do for making our world better? You better check it below!

The mission of the Natural Resources Defense Council is being a safeguard the earth including its people, plants, animals, and the natural systems on which our lives depend on. They collaborate with more than three million members and worldwide online activists with 600 scientists, policy advocates, and lawyers around the world in order to ensure all humankind get their rights of the water, the air, as well as the wild.

As the information for the Natural Resources Defense Council was firstly established in 1970 by law students and attorneys at the lead of the environmental movement. Now, the organization has rapidly developed and the leadership team and the board of trustees are doing amazing works to make sure the rights of all humankind to clean water, clean air, and healthy living and communities.

As a non-profit and a tax-exempt natural resources organization, the Natural Resources Defence Council is under the laws of State of New York in 1970. Additionally, one of America’s 100 Best Charities, they also receive a donation for those who want to donate as giving a positive contribution to our world.

In fact, percent of expenses on the program is up to 83.6 and the charity navigator score is up to 96.35. the Natural Resources Defense Council also work on programs that focus on the biggest issues that we face today. They also have a good relationship with the elected leader, community leaders, and also businesses. Their programs include Climate & Clean Air, Energy & Transportation, Litigation, Healthy People & Thriving Communities, Science Center, Wildlife, as well as New York running around the globe.

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