How does Deforestation in Thailand Contribute to Global Warming?

How does Deforestation in Thailand Contribute to Global Warming? – Without any doubt, deforestation is likely one of the main causes to the high levels of greenhouse gas concentrations in our atmosphere, since it produces higher level of CO2. It normally happens when forests are on fire at its biggest flame. That’s why deforestation definitely contributes to global warming. Unsurprisingly, Thailand is a country with many cases of deforestation.
1. Major Facts and Causes
Alongside Thailand are Malaysia and Indonesia who were reported as countries with uncountable cases of deforestation, not only in Asia but around the world, shamefully. In fact, Thailand reached its peak in 1990s when the country is placed on the top list as a country whose deforestation caused the most timber loss in South East countries.

That fact alone probably is more than enough to show how people in Thailand didn’t really care to not only their environment but also overall environment at that moment. Although it was understandable at those hard times when Thai people sold timber for anyone who paid the most for their survival instinct, deforesting was still unacceptable, given the impacts they have cause.

2. Reforestation
In fact, Thailand government had completed a ban on any commercial loggings back in 1989. That means it’s illegal to sell felled timber in the country with any price. Moreover, the government insisted that all imported timber have to be registered with the authorities before being sold. But the business keeps on going, just as how online gambling games like are illegal but people still play it.

That shows that actually Thailand government is concerned about what their people were doing. Therefore, there were ideas to use aerial reforestation as one of the techniques to deal with the situation. Although it sounds unlikely to be done, they actually have succeeded to plant more than 800.000 tress all in one day using seeds from aircraft military.

3. Illegal Logging
Back in 1989 when loggings were banned in Thailand, Thai timber loggers unsurprisingly began to harvest wood in Myanmar and Cambodia illegally. After Cambodia is banned from doing such things in 1991, those timber loggers were diminished, but unsurprisingly again they managed to illegally switch to Laos and Myanmar. That’s why Thailand has been exporting raw logs during those times and as a result, we can see many developed and competitive parties in furniture industry.

Thailand is actually not the only South East countries that are contributing to global warming. No matter what countries are contributing, the global warming can never be stopped if us as the people are lack of awareness to stop it.

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