How to Conserve the Natural Sources

How to Conserve the Natural Sources – The natural sources are classified into two main groups that are exhaustible sources and inexhaustible sources. The exhaustible sources are sources that have a limited amount and need million years to form. The examples of the exhaustible sources are coal, crude oil, and natural gas. Meanwhile, the inexhaustible sources are the sources that have indefinite amounts such as solar power, water power, and wind power. Up until now, the development of the usage of natural sources relies on exhaustible sources. There are many products that have been created from exhaustible sources especially in the development of energy such as fuel, LPG, and coal-fired power plants. However, since the number of exhaustible sources is limited, it is necessary to develop alternative energy by using inexhaustible natural sources. For example, water power plants, wind power plants, and solar cells. In addition, the inexhaustible natural sources are more eco-friendly than exhaustible natural sources.

Nowadays, the increase in the human population requires an increasing amount of energy and usage of natural sources. It can lead to the massive exploitation of natural sources. Well, the exploitation of natural sources without concerning the side effect and the stock of natural sources can lead to some serious problems such as an imbalance in the ecological system and the closed access of natural sources for future generations. In order to solve these problems, it’s necessary for people to do some preventive steps and consider the conservation of natural sources.

There are several things that can be done by the people in order to save the natural sources. Each natural sources will require different actions. For example, in order to save the water, there are several things that should be done such as installing the rain harvesting, using the water-efficient appliances, turning off the faucet while brushing the teeth, washing the clothes in the large amount, and using the watering calculator. On the other hand, in order to save the fuel natural sources, there are several things that can be done such as riding public transportation like buses or trains. It will be effective to limit the use of fuel vehicles. Or else, riding the bike that is good for the health and can save fuel. If there is more budget, it will be better to use the electric vehicle rather than fuel vehicles. Make sure that the tires are in the fully inflated condition so that it uses less amount of fuel. Make donation for Eco-green and visit for more support and news source of natural green.

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