Impacts of Economic Gain from Natural Resources Exploitation in India

Impacts of Economic Gain from Natural Resources Exploitation in India
If we talk about natural resources in India, it’s safe to say that water is arguably the most precious one. No wonder the people there like to exploit it for industry and power to support India’s economic growth. But the next question is at what cost they are willing to do that? It’s not a secret that Indian like to exploit their natural resources for economic gain, but how does that actually work?

1. Sewage on the City Streets
As one of the growing cities in India, Bangalore is capable to attract people with its companies and brands around the world. However, this iconic city is also responsible for water droughts and health warnings for this couple of years. The crumbling and old underground drainage system is one of the reasons why this city is suffering at the moment. In some cases, they even have to deal with the absence of the drainage system.

This problem steadily leads into polluting of the city streets and the rivers as well. Bangalore is currently not capable enough to treat all the sewage properly. In fact, they can only treat around 300 million liters of sewage per day, while the sewage production reaches to 721 million liters per day. That’s absolutely a horrendous problem for the city.

2. Lack of Pesticide Controls
Another impact of the economic gain of natural resources exploitation is the lack of control on pesticide. There were countless of Indian of became victims of this situation, but only some of them survived. One of the victims said that there was no justice at all for the poor. Even worse, the survived victims are now still fighting for their compensation for the debilitating and crippling impacts they suffered after the pesticide endosulfan exposure.

To this date, there are many survived victims who are suffering from toddler mental capacity. The pesticide infected their brains, resulting central nervous system and made the victims even unable to take care for themselves. This impact is undoubtedly beyond cruel and needs to be solved as soon as possible.

If those cases are really happening, India really needs stronger regulations to solve the problems. Although reaching the right balance between local interest and the business is unlikely to happen, government really needs to act to stop companies to create further problems. Government should use their power to battle any companies that have ruined people’s life with stronger regulations in the future.

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