Maintain natural resources for future generations

Taking care of the natural resource is not the only thing that we need to do. It is the job for our generation. Because with it we can make sure that our next generation will also enjoy the natural resource as we are. Of course we also need to teach our next generation to manage and also take care of the natural resource therefore all of the generations will have a better future, which is a very important plan to do. The following are some of the efforts from natural resource organization to safeguard natural resources for future generations.

1. Maintain clean times
Some clean times programs are often carried out in several places, this is a real manifestation that must be done so that times in our environment become cleaner and create a healthier environment. This healthy environment does not mean for human beings but also for the ecosystems in the river, both plants and animals, some steps that can be taken, for example from not throwing garbage in the river, polluting it with waste or just routinely cleaning the riverbed.

2. Management of watersheds
The watershed is an area that is obliged to be managed as well as possible, this effort aims to make the surrounding agricultural land not suffer drought through the making of good irrigation. With the existence of fertile agricultural land, the income of farmers and surrounding people can increase, thus it is not impossible if later some new agricultural land will be re-opened to meet the food needs of the surrounding communities.

3. Maintain a coastal environment
Did you know that all the garbage dumped by humans will end up in the ocean? This of course must be of more concern because if the sea is polluted, the ecosystem in it can be threatened, even though the earth is mostly filled with water. So it is important to make efforts to manage the coast and coast so that the sea is not easily polluted simply because of human activity, so do not always use the beach as a tourist destination but also be preserved so that the surrounding natural resources including the sea remain healthy and clean.

4. Conserve rare ecosystems
Efforts to safeguard natural resources for future generations can also be done through conservation of rare ecosystems that are threatened by their existence, this indeed requires substantial funds but must still be done so that ecosystems that are already endangered will not completely disappear because they have already there is no such ecosystem, not only in animals but also in plants.

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