Other Elements Involved in the Management of Natural Resource

There are a lot of other factors, aspects, and elements involved in natural resource management. Biodiversity conservation is included in this matter. It is an issue that is supposed to be an important element in the matter of natural resource management. Biodiversity is a term referring to a comprehensive concept that includes a description of the extent of natural diversity. Biodiversity also means the variety of life and is related to an array of different types of biodiversity organization. The United Nations is attributed with the first to popularize the term and the widespread use of its definition in 1992. There is also precautionary biodiversity management. Biodiversity is in constant danger for being threatened by several things including climate change, the invasion of alien species, forest deforestation and deforestation, and habitat fragmentation. These threats are being observed by environmentalists and the general public and because of that the precautionary biodiversity management has been an integral part of natural resources management. Concrete policy tools are also important to natural resource management. Policy making in this case depends on evidences, is related to proofs of high standard, and has a lot of things to do with information and monitoring requirements.

In natural resources management, there are four ways to manage precaution of biodiversity. Ecosystem-based management is related to management that is more precautionary and risk-averse. Adaptive management pertains to approaches that can handle a complex system’s uncertainty and dynamism. Environmental impact assessment can reduce the uncertainties of precaution. Protectionist approach deals with the conservation of biodiversity. Land management is crucial to support a sustainable environment. In order to do so, appropriate strategies are required. In land management, there are some key points to take into account. Understanding the processes of nature such as soils, water, and ecosystem is one of those points.

Other Elements Involved in the Management of Natural ResourceIn order that land manager and people can continue on managing land, there are ecological principles to follow. All of those principles are related to the landscape people are interacting with, disturbance, species, place, and time. Land managers should inspect the impacts of decisions made locally in a regional context and their effects on natural resources. The managers should also plan a long term change and prepare for unexpected events. They must do everything to help preserve rare landscape elements and species associated with them. Lastly, land managers should avoid using land in a way that can deplete natural resources.

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