Provide Clean Water Globally with Water For People

Provide Clean Water Globally with Water For People – It’s undeniable that some parts of the world that are still living without complete basic needs even when others already have them for decades. Water, for one, is one of the natural resources that is still scarce in many countries globally. Thankfully, we can lend them a hand with charity organizations such as Water For People.
• About The Organization
Founded by American Water Works Association (AWWA) in 1991, Water for People has continuously providing potable water and sanitation solution in developing countries, especially the rural parts. The organization is nonprofit and works internationally.

Currently, they are helping nine countries worldwide, such as India, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, Bolivia, Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala. Counting the areas of mentioned countries collectively, Water for People was able to reach around four million people in need. This number is almost as huge as the number of total players in online games site.

To provide the water, Water For People encourage and fund better water systems within the selected areas. The system itself is built with the help of the World Water Corps, a volunteer organization with experts and engineers of water and sanitation systems. When collaborating with Water For People, World Water Corps helps the local government and local people design a community-based water system by educating them on how to build, operate, and maintain said system.

• How To Help Through Water For People
Want to join Water For People and help people gain access to clean water? The organization offers four ways to help, such as:

  • Give
    You can donate your money directly to the organization and encourage others to join the cause. If you don’t have the money now, you can also apply for a planned gift by putting your future donation in your retirement plan, will, or life insurance policy.
  • Fundraise
    You can host fundraising events or join one under sponsors to support Water For People. The organization also accept fundraising from tributes and money pool from special occasions such as weddings.
  • Partner
    Do you own any corporation? Then, you can sign up your business as a partner of Water For People and be their sponsor.
  • Volunteer
    If you are up for the action more, you can be a volunteer by joining water and sanitation communities that work with Water For People such as World Water Corps.

Water For People had helped millions of people to not just obtain but also maintain one of the most important natural resources: water. If you are interested to support the organization in their cause, try helping through donation, volunteer, or partnership programs.

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