The Best Known Natural Resource Conservation Organization In Europe

The Best Known Natural Resource Conservation Organization In Europe – The following are some of the best known natural resource conservation organizations in Europe that you need to know.

1. Earth System Governance Project
This is a long-term research program that began to be developed since January 2009, this project has 300 networks that are still active with 2300 graduates graduating from and involved in this project. Even the current development of this one project has become the largest social science research in the field of preservation of natural resources and the environment in the world with its official office located at Lund University – Sweden. Earth System Governance Project always aims to discuss global and local issues regarding air pollution to the preservation of natural resources in the form of water, waste treatment to soil degradation.

2. Global Environment Facility
The GEF or the Global Environment Facility was set up just overnight before the Rio Summit in 1992 with the initial aim of helping to overcome various urgent environmental issues on the earth, the formation of the GEF has provided more than 17.9 billion USD in grants and other additions of 93.2 billion USD for mobilization matters aimed at 4,500 projects in 170 countries in the world.

3. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Established since 1988 by WMO as the world meteorological organization and UNEP which is an environmental program at the United Nations, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Chane or IPCC aims to provide a variety of scientific information to the government to develop climate policies in the world related to climate change that threaten the sustainability of the earth. The organization consists of 195 member countries with thousands of volunteers coming from all over the world.

4. United Nations Environment Program
UNEP or the United Nations Environment Program is an organization founded in June 1972 and located in Nairobi – Kenya, its task is to coordinate natural activities in all UN member countries and assist countries to implement policies for nature and the environment.

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All in all, these organization is important for our world as our natural resource are become limited each day because we use it. Therefore, management in the natural resource will help us in making our world a much better place. Especially for the future because it means our children and grandchildren can still enjoy the natural resource for their life and making their life a much better one especially with better natural resource management.

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