Why natural resources must be maintained

The balance of the environment and the natural environment becomes so important as human habitation on this earth, even though it is like living things where the earth can also heal itself from the damage that occurs but if this damage continues then it is not impossible if one day the earth can completely destroyed and left no more life in it. For this reason, there is a need for awareness of every human being to be able to protect the environment and the surrounding environment. This concrete manifestation can be seen from the existence of social organizations and institutions that make various efforts to preserve the natural resources around us.

On the other hand there may still be many people who ask why natural resources must be maintained while life to the present still feels fine, this is a question that is often voiced by some people who are not yet aware of the importance of the health of the earth and the universe. It must be acknowledged that maintaining natural resources is very important and must be able to be done by all humans in the world, of course for one definite purpose, namely the preservation of our nature. Now here are some benefits of maintaining natural resources that must be known together.

1. Reduced air pollution
The city has become an example where air pollution has really polluted the environment in it, this is certainly very unhealthy even when you are at home. So from that maintaining natural resources is very necessary so that air pollution can be reduced and human beings are also protected from health problems that come from air pollution.

2. Abundant clean water
Humans will not be able to live without water, as well as other living things. Hence the existence of natural resources that are maintained will create even more clean water quality, the need for clean water can be felt by everyone without any more water shortage crisis.

3. The climate is maintained
Global warming is a very troubling issue, of course this will be very terrible if it continues to be left. So by preserving natural resources, ecosystems will also be maintained and certainly the climate and temperature on the earth will no longer experience extreme changes.

Managing natural resource is not easy. People this day will be needing many natural resource for their own benefits. Which is why it is important to manage them. There are many things that we can do with the limited natural resource. Therefore instead of abusing the natural resource for something that we does not need. Instead we need to maximize each minimal use. This will save the natural resource and making it more long lasting.

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