Some Natural Resources To Be The Focus of Public Natural Resources Organization

We are in the era where our natural resources are in danger and we should take an action to conserve in order to avoid extinction. Besides, most the people may not even aware of what natural resources are and today they are decreasing. So, this following article will inform you of the most important natural resources that need to be conserved by all the mankind through public natural resources organization.

The Earth composition is mostly water, about 2-1/2 percent of it is freshwater. Less 2.5% of it is considered as a potable water which is safe to cook with and drink. It has been a concern for the organization for years. There have been many treatments built by many countries due to the climate change the amount of freshwater is dropped.

Additionally, we all need a clean air for our existence on this planet and it is also essential for plants and animals to live. Now, due to the global warming, air is polluted which can cause health problems. Some public organization for natural resources has various campaigns to keep the air clean.

The rate of consumption of oil supplies is projected enough to last for 40 more years. But, now oil supplies is really limited while much major oil industries in the planet are pushing to legally drill some protected area seeking for undiscovered oil fields. Even if the new oil fields are discovered and new methods of oil extraction are founded, it will be impossible to have unlimited oil supply.

Some public organization of natural resources takes action to maintain the use. Public organization for natural resources also has a high concentration on natural gas. Natural gas is known as a clear fuel source than oil and makes the level of consumption is increasing. As the result, the natural gas supply runs out quickly even if there is an alternative fuel.

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